Students, welcome in The Hague

Dear student, welcome to The Hague. Fantastic that you choose The Hague for a study or course. The Hague is a beautiful city and you also have the luck that Happy Copy is located here. We are the fastest (student) copyshop. We based close to The Hague University of Applied Siences and the Hague buildings of the University of Leiden.

If you have someting to print, please mail it as a PDF file to with a proper description for the order (single or double-sided, colorful or black) and if and how it needs to be bound (ironwire binding, gluestrip or black plastic coilbinder) and usually within an hour you can pick it up. Because we can quickly process PDF files sent to us by e-mail and we can guarantee this speed.

Do you want to keep your expensive schoolbook(s) clean, but need to use a highlighter or make notes? Then it is allowed by law, to make a copy for your own use of your school book. This will study a lot easer and you can leave your original book at home.

In addition, Happy Copy has been an ideal partner for students in The Hague, Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam since 1996. We print a lot of projects: such as readers, legal texts, teaching materials, summaries, portfolios, reports, theses, infographics, project brochures, presentations, presentation posters, handouts and all conceivable issues related to a study program or student association.

But we also print and print study material for educational institutions such as The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Leiden University, ROC Mondriaan, INHolland and various private courses.

Welcome to The Hague is also welcome at Happy Copy Studentenshop.

Happy Copy