Thesis / rapport

Studenten Copyshop for scripties, portfolio's, verslagen, studiemateriaal en infographics
Studenten Copyshop for thesis printing, portfolio's, reports, studypapers and infographics


Happy Copy specializes in printing theses and reports since 1996. We have made an easy guide through our experience, see below. This allows us to print and bind your thesis quickly and easily.


If you print ALL pages in fullcolor, we will bind it for FREE. The student price is € 0,30 per A4 fullcolor printed side (100 grams paper) and € 5,-  settingsfee over the total amount.

Create a PDF of your Word or Pages file!
To prevent errors with staggered text and table of contents ALWAYS create a PDF file.  Use the option: ‘Save as PDF’ or with the windows program PDFcreator. Click here for the free download. Apple Pages files we cannot open, but you can export the file to PDF. Check your PDF file, this is exact how we print it.


Mail your PDFfile to
Please e-mail when you are finished, even when our shop is closed.
Is your file bigger than 10 Mb? Please send with

Write the following information in the mail:

  • The number of copies 
  • Single-sided or double-sided (by double sided, please indicate from which page number or add blank pages)
  • How to be bound (options: metal ring binder, black glue strip or black plastic ring binder)
  • Color back sheet (red, white, blue or black plastic front = transparent plastic)
  • Your phone number (In case we need to contact you, if we have questions, errors or problems)

Delivery time
Usually within 1 hour (max 2 hours, depending on how busy we are in the shop) We mail you back when your order is ready

Ready today? No problem!
Usually within 1 hour and up to 2 hours (depending on the crowds). Always mail your PDF file as soon as you have it ready and checked, this will bring us to the front of our queue. We often start processing the mail orders before we open. We will email you back immediately when your thesis or report is ready.

Even when you come into the store with a USB stick or a hard disk, we ask you to email the PDF file with the above information. Only in this way we can guarantee everyone the ‘one hour’ delivery time. We always e-mail back immediately when the order is ready. Visiting our shop does not give priority to students who have sent it by e-mail. By e-mail is always the fastest option. Thank you for your cooperation. 

As a neighbour of the Haagse HogeschoolLeiden University en ROC Mondriaan. Happy Copy has a lot of experience with this. However, we also regularly produce reports, theses, portfolios, papers for students from TU Delft, KABK, Hogeschool Rotterdam, etc.

A good way to create a PDF file from your (word) file


  • Download the free application PDFcreator from our website, click here
  • Instal PDFcreator and click during the instal a few times on OK.
  • Open your word (or other application) and check the content of your document and choose printing.
  • Select the printer ‘PDFcreator’ en press print. Click in the two following pop-ups ‘Save’
  • Save your PDF file on your desktop and check the file.
  • Send your PDF file per mail (max. 10 Mb) or wetransfer
  • Also include in your mail the information about the amount of copies, single or double sides and your phonenumber.
  • We mail you back when the order is ready.

 How to use wetransfer:

  • Click on this link https://happycopy.wetransfer.comscriptie
  • Click on (+) sign to add files
  • In the 2nd field our e-mailadres is prefixed
  • In the 3th field your e-mail
  • In the 4th field the description and your telefoonnumber

Waar vindt u ons?

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Maandag t/m vrijdag
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Ophalen is mogelijk NA de mailbevestiging dat de opdracht gereed is!

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Betalen met paypal is mogelijk

Lees dit eerst: Altijd vooraf mailen!

Always send your file by e-mail in advance!

We kindly ask you to send your (pdf) file by email to Do not come to the store until you have received a confirmation e-mail that your order is ready!

Why email in advance?

First of all, we always need your file in our computer to be able to print it. So you send an email to and we will always immediately start working with your file and email you back immediately when it is ready. Only then do you come to the store to pick it up. If anything is unclear, we will call or email you back immediately. If it is a lot of files or if it is larger than 10 Mb, use the easy Wetransfer.

Isn’t it easier to make from your home or work than at our doorstep?

You probably have an internet connection at home? Or at work? Or on your phone if you travel by public transport. Therefore, there is NO NEED to come to the store to mail. It is much easier for you and us to email it to us in advance and briefly describe what should be done with the file and your telephone number.


As a result, there are shorter and fewer people in the store. And because of this we don’t have to touch your phone or USB stick. In these uncertain times we try to avoid all unnecessary risks.

We vragen altijd meteen uw (pdf) bestand per mail te sturen naar Kom pas naar de winkel indien u een bevestiging heeft gekregen dat het klaar is! Op de eerste plaats hebben we altijd uw bestand nodig in onze computer om deze te kunnen printen. U mailt dus naar en wij gaan altijd meteen met uw bestand aan de slag en mailen direct terug als het klaar is. Pas daarna komt u naar de winkel om het op te halen. Mocht er iets onduidelijk zijn dan bellen of mailen we meteen terug. Zijn het veel bestanden of is het groter dan 10 Mb, gebruik dan het makkelijke Wetransfer.